Students in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program must apply to graduate in the semester in which the course of study is to be completed.

The electronic application form may be retrieved in the summary of credits in the module booking tool only during the periods specified below and is transmitted electronically.
Please note: the form may be opened only once.

Application Deadline and Dates HS17

Submission of the application to graduate 06.-17.11.2017
Graduation Ceremony for Master’s and Doctoral degrees 
in the Grossmünster
Starts at 6:30pm, lasts ca. 1.5 hours
Graduation Ceremony for Bachelor's degrees 
UZH, Rämistrasse 59, Room RAA-G-01
Starts at 6:00pm; duration max.1 hour

Registration/deregistration graduation ceremonies

Application Deadline and Dates FS18

Submission of the application to graduate 14.-25.5.2018
Graduation Ceremony for Master’s and Doctoral degrees
in the Grossmünster
Starts at 6:30pm, lasts ca. 1.5 hours
Graduation Ceremony for Bachelor’s degrees
University of Zurich Center
Starts at ca. 6:15pm, held in two rounds of ca. 1.5 hours each

Recognition and Acceptance of Academic Achievements at Other Universities

Requests for the transfer of credits must be made as soon as possible after receipt of the transcript of records from the host university. Requests for the transfer of credits from the current semester must be made to the Student Advisory Services/Mobility Office no later than 7 February 2018. You can find more information about the transfer procedure under transfer of credits.

Recognition and Acceptance of Language Courses

Language certificates that you acquired from the spring semester 2016 will be transmitted to the Faculty of Law automatically at the end of each semester and shown in your transcript of records. You do not need to do anything else.
Language certificates that you acquired before the spring semester 2016 must be submitted in person in the original to the Service Desk of the Dean's Office within the following deadlines, to ensure that they are credited to the transcript of records within the respective semester:
-    For the spring semester: no later than 30 June
-    For the fall semester: no later than 10 January

Fact Sheet Transfer of Credits from Language Courses (PDF, 36 KB)

Registration for the Next Semester after Applying to Graduate

Students in a Bachelor’s degree program enroll for the Master’s degree program. In the event of not passing the Bachelor’s degree, students are automatically relegated to the Bachelor's degree program. The form for applying to graduate must be resubmitted in the following semester.

Those students who do not plan to continue studying at the University of Zurich are also advised to enroll for the next semester. They will not be able to enroll for the semester retrospectively and consequently have the option of reapplying to graduate in the event of failing the final degree.

Click on the website of the Student Administration Office of the University of Zurichfor more information on enrollment and semester fees.