Foundations and Trusts

Bild_Doundations and Trusts

Course dates: 02.03. - 13.04.2021

Time: Tuesday, 14.00 - 18.00 

Information sheet Foundations and Trusts FS 2021  (PDF, 136 KB)

Learning objectives Foundations and Trusts FS 2021 (PDF, 29 KB)


In the coming spring semester 2021, the courses will initially be held digitally (in the same way as in the autumn semester 2020). The extent to which face-to-face teaching will be possible again at a later stage depends largely on the government regulations. The information in the information sheet and the VVZ on times and rooms is naturally aimed at face-to-face teaching. All details regarding the digital teaching will be communicated on the homepage in due course; all lectures will be provided as podcasts.


Dear Students,

The course starts at 2 March 2021. the respective lectures will be recorded as podcasts on the dates specified in the information sheet. Please be patient afterwards, the podcasts will be uploaded as soon as they have been processed (presumably 24 hours later). After the processing they can be viewed at any time. There are no live sessions!

Exam: Due to the high booking numbers, the exam will take place as a written exam (open book, 2-hour essay style)

Course Material Prof. Jakob



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  1. Vorlesung vom 2.3.2021_Introduction and Overview
  2. Vorlesung vom 2.3.2021_History, Landscape and Concepts
  3. Vorlesung vom 2.3.2021_Swiss Foundations
  4. Vorlesung vom 9.3.2021_Swiss Foundations Teil 2
  5. Vorlesung vom 9.3.2021_Liechtenstein Foundations
  6. Vorlesung vom 9.3.2021_Estate Planning_Teil 1
  7. Vorlesung vom 9.3.2021_Estate Planning_Teil 2



  1. The Big Picture: World of Foundations and Trusts (PDF, 764 KB)
  2. Foundations: The Concepts of Foundations (PDF, 104 KB)
  3. Foundations: Swiss Foundations (PDF, 211 KB)
  4. Foundations: Liechtenstein Foundations (PDF, 180 KB)
  5. Introduction to Estate Planning via Foundations from a Swiss Perspective (PDF, 431 KB)


  1. Swiss Law in English Language Link
  2. Liechtenstein Law in English Language Link
  3. Hague Trust Convention Link
  4. The role of foundations in family governance_Dominique Jakob (PDF, 194 KB)
  5. Will-Substitutes in Switzerland and Liechtenstein_Dominique Jakob (PDF, 510 KB)
  6. Draft revision of Swiss inheritance law_Dominique Jakob (PDF, 101 KB)
  7. Foundation law in Switzerland_Dominique Jakob / Goran Studen (PDF, 2 MB)
  8. Private foundations and trusts_Paolo Panico (PDF, 127 KB)
  9. New foundation legislation in common law jurisdictions_Paolo Panico (PDF, 121 KB)
  10. The Dutch private foundation in comparison with trusts_Ineke Koele (PDF, 97 KB)