Vorlesung FS 21: History of International Law

The course aims to deepen the students' understanding of contemporary international law and international relations. It asks about epoch thresholds and continuities and sheds light upon the genealogy of important rules. In the first part of the course, we will discuss topics such as: "beginnings" of international law and diplomatic relations, international law and colonization, peace and stability, decolonization, world wars and collective security, the emerging age of human rights. In the second part, a number of participants will be given the opportunity of making a presentation on a topic jointly agreed upon.
The slots for presentations are limited.
The default option to fulfil the course requierments is teh afore-mentioneed presentation of c. 25-30 mins. in combination with a shot paper of approx. 2'000 words. The number of presentations is limited to 16, they are awarded on a first come, first served basis.

Those who do not secure a presentation spot will take an oral exam of 15 mins at the end of term.

You can start signing up for presentations on 1 February 2021 on OLAT.


Please note that due to the current health emergency, this class will be taught online only. You can find further information on access rights and on course materials on OLAT.