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Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät Dr. iur. Nadine Zurkinden

International Criminal Law FS 2023

In FS 2023, Prof. S. Summers and Dr. iur. N. Zurkinden will teach the master's course International Criminal Law.

The lecture will be held each Monday from 14:00-15:45 in RAI-J-031.

Further information is provided on OLAT.


Lecture Date Topic Lecturer
1 20.02.2023 International Criminal Law: Definition, Objectives and Challenges Summers
2 27.02.2023 The Development of International Criminal Law Summers
3 06.03.2023 The Current System(s) of International Criminal Law Enforcement: Tribunals and Courts Summers
4 13.03.2023 International Criminal Court: Organisation and Jurisdiction Summers
5 20.03.2023 International Criminal Court: Process and Sentencing Summers
6 27.03.2023 Rome Statute: General Principles (especially Individual Responsibility, Defences, Immunities) Zurkinden
7 03.04.2023 Rome Statute: Genocide Zurkinden
8 24.04.2023 Rome Statute: Crimes against Humanity Zurkinden
9 08.05.2023 Rome Statute: War Crimes Zurkinden
10 15.05.2023 Rome Statute: Crimes of Aggression Zurkinden
11 22.05.2023 The Future of International Criminal Law and Q&A Session Zurkinden/Summers

Weiterführende Informationen

Format of the Lecture in the Spring Semester 23

The lecture will be held as a classroom lecture and recorded as a podcast.

Please note the information regarding podcasts from the Central Informatics Office.



The teaching materials and podcasts are available via OLAT.