Welcome to our Faculty

Brigitte Tag Dekanin RWF 2016

Besides theology, medicine, and philosophy, jurisprudence ranks among the traditional and oldest university disciplines. Essentially, its research is based on two pillars: legislation and the application of law. Jurisprudence arches above these pillars as a roof that provides protection and safety but is also flexible and open to social changes. This is a good structure. First, we know how important it is to trust the law as a reliable companion in all life's questions. Personal freedom, legal equality, and proportionality but also the guarantee of access to justice and fairness in judicial proceedings form the basis for this, as does the criminal law principle of “no punishment without law”. Second, law and jurisprudence must also look to the future to give strong, sustainable support to groundbreaking social or technical changes and developments.

The sound education of our law students pursuing Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees is one of our key qualifications. Another is the impressive range of scholarship to be found in our Faculty and our professorial staff. Research and teaching are linked in the best possible way. The academic insights of the professors, titular professors, privatdozents but also the non-professorial academic staff and our research centers shape the content of many courses. With their help, law is explained, enthusiasm for the respective subject and intra- and interdisciplinary work aroused, and talent revealed. Discussion with students also stimulates academic work and provides ideal conditions for junior researchers to flourish.

But legal practice is also an issue for us. Only a few degree programs offer such an array of career prospects as those of jurisprudence. Our law graduates are employed in legislation and jurisprudence, in advocacy and in the public prosecutor’s office, as well as in all levels of administration, in business, politics and society, in the diplomatic service, and in many other areas. Legal internships, moot courts, a diverse range of periods spent abroad at prestigious partner universities, to cite only a few of the options, facilitate entry into everyday life in the legal profession. And the Faculty of Law also offers a challenging and informative range of courses for anybody who wishes to refresh or extend their knowledge, whether through an LL.M., a CAS or DAS, or by attending another continuing education course.

With this in mind, I am delighted to welcome you to the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich.


Prof. Dr. iur. utr. Brigitte Tag
Dean, Faculty of Law