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Faculty of Law

Faculty Assembly

The Faculty Assembly is the most important self-governing body of the faculty. It consists of all full and associate professors, the assistant professors and the SNSF assistant professors. The members of the Faculty Assembly also include the delegates of the representative bodies, i.e. privatdozents/adjunct professors, teaching and research assistants, students as well as administrative and technical staff.

The Faculty Assembly’s duties include making decisions in habilitation proceedings, creating new chairs, issuing faculty regulations, selecting members of the faculty council and establishing faculty commissions.

Professorial Staff

University Body Representatives of Advanced Researchers and Instructors

(formerly representation of private lecturers, adjunct professors)

TP Dr. Miguel Sogo
Adjunct Professor of Private Law and Civil Procedure, Debt Collection and Bankruptcy Law, and Private International Law

Dr. Sven Zimmerlin

Prof. em. Dr.  Alexander Brunner

University Body Representatives of Junior Academics

(formerly representation of assistants)
MLaw Anna Katharina Leitz
Assistant at the Chair of Prof. Dr. Peter Georg Picht
Dr. iur. Nadine Zurkinden
Senior Assistant Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law
MLaw David Campi
Assistant at the Chair of Prof. Dr. Matthias Oesch

Representatives of the Administrative and Technical Staff

lic. iur. Antonella Serra Garbelotto

Deputy Head of the Student Center

Anastasia Kesselmark
Head of Administration LL.M. Intern. Business and Economics Law

Katharina Tschopp Tarquini, lic. trad.

Lehrstuhl Prof. Dr. Ruth Arnet / Prof. Dr. Peter Picht

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