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Faculty of Law

Faculty Board

The Faculty Board is composed of the Faculty Council, one representative from each of the subject groups, and one representative from each of the Association of Advanced Researchers and Lecturers (formerly Privatdozents/Adjunct Professors), the Junior Academics (formerly Assistants), and the student body.

The Faculty Board primarily comments on the appointment and promotion procedures for the attention of the Executive Board of the University and on the proposals of the appointment and promotion committees. The Faculty Assembly may delegate additional tasks to the Faculty Board.

Last Name and First Name Role/Representative
Prof. Dr. Gächter Thomas Dean, Chairperson
Prof. Dr. Bommer Felix Vice Dean of Student Affairs
Prof. Dr. Thier Andreas Vice Dean of Finances and Administration
Prof. Dr. Heinemann Andreas Vice Dean of External Relations
Prof. Dr. Heiss Helmut Vice Dean of Research and Academic Career Development
Prof. Dr. Liebrecht Johannes Basic Subjects

Prof. Dr. Arnet Ruth

Civil Law and Civil Procedure Law
Prof. Dr. Thouvenin Florent Trade and Business Law
Prof. Dr. Thommen Marc Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law
Prof. Dr. Simonek Madeleine Constitutional, Administrative, and International Law
Prof. Dr. Sogo Miguel Representative of the adjunct professors/privatdozents
Dr. Zurkinden Nadine Representative of the teaching and research assistants
BLaw Caflisch Francesca Representative of the student body
N.N. Representative of Administrative and Technical Staff
lic. iur. Stutz Matthias Dean's Office
Godor Gabriella Dean's Office Administration
lic. phil. Adamantidis Aliki Administrative support appointment procedure

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