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Faculty of Law

Vision and Values

The Faculty of Law is guided by the principles and guidelines which have been set in its Mission Statement and its Mission Statement on Studies. In addition, a new document is currently being drafted that sets out the Faculty's vision and its set of values in the context of today's social and legal challenges.

The increasing juridification of our society and the advancing international integration combined with new technological developments pose new challenges for lawyers. The Faculty of Law recognized these challenges early on and integrated them into its Mission Statement (PDF, 1 MB) adopted in 1999.

Mission Statment on Studies

Triggered by the ongoing efforts for a continuous development in teaching and especially in the course of the study reform Bologna 2021, the Faculty of Law has elaborated and summarized its core tasks, its goals and the most important factors for it in the area of teaching and studies in a "Mission Statement on Studies". This Mission Statement on Studies (Faculty of Law) (PDF, 81 KB)was approved at the Faculty Assembly on May 23, 2018.

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