Acquisition profile and collection area

The library contains some 230,000 books and close to 800 periodicals and series. It is one of the largest law libraries in Switzerland. The collection focuses on the laws of Switzerland and its neighbouring countries (Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Liechtenstein) as well as the Anglo-American legal systems. The list of publications concerning Swiss law is as exhaustive as possible.

BASIS Study Library

The BASIS study library only includes the latest editions of literature related to study and exam purposes within the five main subject areas of law. It is located on the 6th floor.
BASIS Study Library


The library is part of the Swiss Library Service Platform (SLSP, which joins together around 500 libraries in the whole of


Books and periodicals are organised by subject in the galleries and their depositories. The distribution of the shelf marks on the floors is shown in the

Floor plan (German)

The reorganisation of titles on the 6th floor is not completed. For better orientation see a detailed

Detailed floor plan of the 6th floor (U-Z) (German)

Also note if a special location is mentioned in the library catalogue. For details, refer to the keyword "Special locations".