Specialised Libraries

Alte Juristische Bibliothek (AJB)

The AJB collects ancient law literature and is managed by the "Zentrum für rechtsgeschichtliche Forschung" at Rämistrasse 74. The library provides a comprehensive and in Switzerland probably unique collection of sources of law and legal literature dating from the 15th to the late 19th century.
Users have access to the library, room RAI-H-125, during office hours or by appointment. There is a book scanner available, which makes digitisation possible.
Alte Juristische Bibliothek

CIMELS Reference Library

The Reference Library at the Center for Islamic and Middle Eastern Legal Studies (CIMELS) specialises in Islamic and Middle Eastern Law. The library is located in the main building of the Faculty of Law at Rämistrasse 74.

CIMELS Reference Library

Die Bibliothek des Europa Instituts an der Universität Zürich (EIZ)

The European Institute Library has their own collection of books on European law. Details of the literature are accessible via the library catalogue NEBIS. The library is located at Hirschgraben 56, CH-8001 Zurich.
Bibliothek des Europa-Instituts an der Universität Zürich

Giacometti Library

The Faculty of Law is holding a part-estate of Zaccaria Giacometti, a scholar of consitutional law and professor at the University of Zurich from 1927 to 1960. The Giacometti Library is located at Rämistrasse 74. It can be visited by appointment.
Giacometti Library