Library classification system

Floor Call no. Area of law / subject area
2nd basement floor, Compactus Diss Mainly Swiss dissertations
1st floor A General resources
  B General law literature



Philosophy of law, Theory of law, Sociology of law

-- Philosophy of law, theory of law
-- General sociology and sociology of law
-- Lawmaking and legal policy (incl. legal interpretation)
-- Theory and methodology of comparative law
-- Law and language
-- Law and images, legal visualization
-- Gender law
-- Law and business
-- Other interdisciplinary literature
-- Literary; humoristic literature

2nd floor D General and comparative legal history,
ecclesiastical law (U-shelf mark)
  E Roman law (including Eu = Greek law)

Eu I–XX: European law in the 6th floor in front of V (International public law)
  F German legal history
  G Swiss legal history
3rd floor H Swiss Civil Code
  J Swiss Code of Obligations (including trade and securities law)
  K Foreign civil law
  L Foreign trade and securities law
4th floor N Commercial legal protection, media law, consumer protection
  O Mixed areas of law (Medical law, computer sciences law/data protection law, traffic and transport law, sports law, age and law)
  P Swiss civil procedure law, dispute resolution, debt collection and insolvency law, lawyer and notary law
  Q Foreign civil procedure law, dispute resolution, enforcement law, lawyer and notary law
  R International civil law and civil procedure
5th floor S General and foreign constitutional and administrative law
  T Swiss constitutional and administrative law
6th floor U Labour and employment law, social law (including social security law)
(Ecclesiastical law [U shelf mark] is on the 2nd floor in front of D)
  V International and European law
(including Eu [= European law] and )
  W Criminal law, criminal procedure law, criminology
  X Military law
  Z Acts and decrees
6th floor:
Computer room
BASIS Study library: Current study and examination materials, latest editions only