Search strategy tips

Depending on what you are looking for, there are different search strategies. Given below are some basic information and tips.

Books and journals are found in the library catalogue NEBIS Rechercheportal ZB/UZH (new window). Licensed electronical journals are also recorded in the catalogue. On the other hand, electronical books are only partially recorded and must therefore be retrieved in subject databases or directly in respective publisher's database. Most publishers' websites recognise the university IP-range automatically, which enables full access to full length documents. See also: E-resources.

Journal articles, essays, papers and such are not generally detected in library catalogues. Normally, you search for articles in subject area databases, bibliographies and repositories. However, there are some exceptions and some library catalogues also record articles - without any claim to completeness -, our best tip is the Swiss French library catalogue RERO (new window). When an article has been found, the title of the corresponding book or journal in which it was published can in turn be searched for in the library catalogue NEBIS.

Jurisdiction is found partly on websites of the respective courts or in publishers' databases such as Swisslex. Published collections are again found in the library catalogue NEBIS.