Using the library

Being a reference library, we do not lend books but provide all users with an easy and direct access to law literature.

However, as an exception to the rule, employees of the Institute of Law are authorised borrowers. In turn, other users that want access to lended documents are advised to contact the reference desk in order to have it recalled.


Overview of the building

Books and periodicals are organised by subject on floors 1 to 6. The distribution of the shelf marks is shown in the

Floor plan (German) (PDF, 1 MB)

The reorganisation of titles on the 6th floor is not completed. For better orientation, see the detailed

Floor plan of the 6th floor (U-Z) (German) (JPG, 1 MB)

Also please make a note if a special location is mentioned in the library catalogue. For details, refer to the keyword "Special locations".