Visiting Scholars

The Faculty of Law at the University of Zurich will be welcoming visiting scholars starting 2017. Visiting scholars are generally academics, professors of law, or legal specialists from another faculty of law, a research facility, a public authority, or a charitable organization.

The time visiting scholars spend at the Faculty of Law UZH is intended to be used for research purposes.

Visiting scholars are granted the status of academics guests at UZH. As academic guests, they are not employed by or matriculated at UZH and are not therefore authorized to receive a regular salary from UZH.

Visiting scholars are given access to the infrastructure of the Faculty of Law UZH and of the wider university.

They do not have the right to a workspace, telephone, or office.

The visiting scholars must organize a contact person or referee at the Faculty of Law  UZH in order to apply. The referee must confirm that he or she is prepared to act as an advisor on the research project. The future visiting scholar is responsible for getting in touch with the relevant members of the professional staff and for organizing a referee.

They may spend between one and twelve months at the university.

Below is a description of the application process and a list of documents to be submitted:

Application Process

The following documents must be completed and submitted to the Mobility Office before the application deadline:

  • Application form: A referee at the Faculty of Law UZH must be stated on the application form.
  • CV
  • Cover letter including research project
  • Overview of publications

Applications are only accepted via e-mail and in PDF format.

Selection Process

The Mobility Office checks that your documents are complete and then forwards them to the Faculty's internal admissions commission.

You will be informed whether or not your application has been accepted within 3-4 weeks of us receiving it.

You will then receive a letter of confirmation from the Faculty of Law. A UZH guest card, key, and e-mail account will be arranged for visiting scholars.

Application Deadlines

The completed application documents must be sent to the Mobility Office of the Faculty of Law UZH by 15 March (for visits during the Fall Semester or for an entire academic year) or 30 September (for visits during the Spring Semester) at the latest.