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Faculty of Law Junge Tagung Öffentliches Recht (JTÖR) 2022

Junior Public Law Scholars Conference 2022

In times of multiple crises concerning the environment, health, the economy and migration, the concept of responsibility is being widely discussed. Scholarship on public law has not escaped scrutiny, either. But what does the concept of “responsibility” mean in the legal as well as in the democratic context? How can public law be understood as an instrument for (assigning) responsibility? And finally: What is the responsibility of scholarship on public law and its actors?
Inspired by current developments and with a view to the future, we, as junior academics, are keen to take up this multi-layered topic and present it at the 62nd conference. The Junior Public Law Scholars Conference, which will be held in Zurich from 15 to 18 February, will focus on it from various angles. You can take part, too!


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