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Faculty of Law Chair for Law & Finance

Lectures in Fall Semester 2012

Overview on Lectures in Fall 2012

V.-Nr. 258 International and European Financial Law info

The course provides an overview of the international and European legal framework governing financial markets. In doing so, it examines the legal and institutional foundations of international and European monetary and financial law. The European law governing monetary union and the operations of the European Central Bank will be examined along with the EU Financial Services Action Plan for capital market regulation. Both public and private law principles will be analysed as they apply to the regulation of financial markets as well as to transactions between non-state actors, including derivatives contracts. Also addressed will be the role of the G20 and the International Monetary Fund's Articles of Agreement and recent sovereign debt problems in Europe.

V.-Nr. 282 European Economic Law info
This lecture will be jointly with Prof. Dr. Heinemann, compare Homepage Lehrstuhl Heinemann