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Faculty of Law Lehrstuhl Fiocchi

Contemporary History of Law

Event Number: 0595

Event Time: Mi 12:15-13:45

Room: RAI-H-041

Lecture in the Master of Law programs: Course Catalogue


There will be no lecture on Wednesday 11 May 2022. This lecture will be rescheduled on Tuesday 17.05 from 8.00 to 9.45. The replacement lecture will take place in the same room (RAI.H.041).

Format of the course

On site lecture + streaming (zoom): all lectures will be recorded and available as podcast in Olat

Content of the course

The course particularly draws attention towards the time from the 16th to the 20th century, scrutinizing the general theories of the modern state and the creation of the international law system. The complex and contradictory relations between violence and law, war and law, race and law, the economy and law and finally the (in)equality of men under the law will be addressed. The course will outline the legal consequences of these aforementioned entanglements, interactions and collisions. It will analyse how these consequences relate to the nature and construction of the social order from a historical perspective.

Reading of primary sources combined with a critical reconstruction of law and examining the works of jurists in their historical context will form part of the course.

Aim of the course and learning outcomes

After the successful completion of this course students can understand the social and cultural mechanisms of law in their historical contexts; to comprehend and critically explain the ways how law structures state systems and operates within international systems and therefore; to understand, discuss and explain how some concepts become «legal», and to analyse their fundamental influence on the social order from a historical perspective.

Lecture material

Sources and readings materials will be uploaded together with the slides. Please find slides, Sources, readings materials and Podcast on:


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