Master's Thesis

Students can ask Prof. Künzler to be an adviser on a topic relating to antitrust and intellectual property law, digitalization and its impact on the economy, or within the broader field of (behavioral) economics and the law. The thesis must be an original work of research based on primary sources, usually in the range of 6 to 18 ECTS credits.


Students should propose, agree on and obtain approval of the topic with the adviser. Upon approval, students must sign a Master's Thesis Agreement, stating - amongst other things - the semester in which the thesis will be submitted. The length of the thesis should amount to roughly 62'500 characters (6 ECTS credits), 112'500 characters (12 ECTS credits), or 150'000 characters (18 ECTS credits).


Submit a statement of your thesis, including title, initial schedule for completion, planned length and required amount of ECTS credits to


Your Master's Thesis Agreement is due to be signed on or before May 1 (Spring Term) or on or before November 1 (Fall Term).


Your final thesis must be submitted on or before the agreed upon due date. One electronic copy (PDF and Word) must be sent to Two printed copies must be submitted to: Prof. Dr. Adrian Künzler, Freiensteinstrasse 5, CH-8032 Zürich. Your submission must include your Master's Thesis Agreement and a signed declaration of originiality. Late submissions will not be considered.