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Faculty of Law Chair Loacker

Spring semester 2023

Private International Law II (BLaw)

C-Nr:    1711
Study programme:     Bachelor of Law
Part of the module: Private International Law

Prof Dr Leander D. Loacker, MPhil


22 February 2023

Time: Wednesday, 10.15-12.00 p.m.
Implementation mode: Presence only
Room: KO2-F-180
Teaching materials: All documents (slide sets, further materials etc.) will be made available on Access requires an activation code, which you have already received in the autumn semester 22 and which remains valid. If you did not attend the first part of the course, please contact the chair.

The course "IPR 2" deals with (further) issues of transnational private and commercial law. The focus is on the Vienna Sales Convention (CISG); reference is also made to the PICC and the Incoterms®.

The first half of the semester is designed purely as a lecture; integrated exercises take place in the second half of the semester. In these, the knowledge previously acquired in the lectures is to be applied on the basis of concrete cases.


Text edition on international private law (including the corresponding international treaties) of your choice, e.g. Loacker, IPR/IZVR, Stämpfli Verlag.

Likewise, a textbook on the subject of the lecture, e.g. Schnyder, Internationales Privat- und Zivilverfahrensrecht, Schulthess Verlag.

Exam: Written exam in spring semester 2023

Tort and Insurance Law (MLaw)

C-Nr:    1598
Study programme:                                 Master of Law

Prof Dr Leander D. Loacker, MPhil

RA Markus Borle

Begin: 23 February 2023
Time: Thursday, 12.15-13.45 p.m.
Implementation mode: Presence only
Room: KOL-F-104
Lecture notes: All documents (slide sets, further materials etc.) will be made available on Access requires an activation code, which you will receive in the first lecture. Access is not required beforehand.

Selected issues from the (practically particularly important) cross-sectional subject of "liability and insurance". In separate sections, questions of both substantive liability and insurance coverage of claims are discussed. In this way, the aim is to provide as holistic a perspective as possible - from the substantiation of claims to detailed questions of calculation and assessment to the ultimate payment of damages, namely by liability insurers.

Previous knowledge of general insurance law is an advantage but not essential.


Will be announced at the course.

Exam: written exam in spring semester 2023

Private International Law (MLaw)

C-Nr:    1710
Study programme:     Master of Law
Instructors:                                  Prof Dr Pascal Grolimund, LLM
Begin: 22 February 2023
Time: Wednesday, 14.00-15.45 p.m.
Implementation mode: Presence only
Room: KOL-F-118

Closely coordinated with the main IPR course at BLaw level, the MLaw level discusses issues of the Special Part. Specifically, the focus is on international personal, family and inheritance law. The knowledge gained there will be practised in particular on the basis of practical cases from the field.

Prior knowledge of IPR is an advantage, but not mandatory, as long as the AT of IPR is learned in self-study during the lecture. The textbook by Schnyder/Liatowitsch or the Nutshell by Grolimund/Schnyder are suitable for this purpose. Both are available in the library and in bookstores at any time.


Will be announced in the course.

Teaching materials: Will be announced in the course.
Exam: For a manageable number (20) of fixed registrations oral exam, otherwise written exam

European Private Law (MLaw)

Vst.-Nr.: 0978
Study programme:                  Master of Law

Prof. Dr. Yesim M. Atamer,

Prof. Dr. Helmut Heiss, LL.M.,

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kellerhals, LL.M.,

Prof. Dr. Leander D. Loacker, M.Phil.

Beginning: 21. February 2023

Tuesday, 10.15-12.00 pm

Room: KOL-H-317

Although Switzerland is not formally a Member State of the European Union, European legislation is highly relevant for Swiss courts and jurisprudence, since EU Market Law is also implemented and applied in Switzerland in different contexts. The most important examples stem from the fields of EU Consumer Law, EU Competition Law, EU Company Law and EU Insurance Law.
Building on the four market freedoms and the efforts of legislative alignment within the EU Single Market, the course aims at presenting the main precepts of substantive private law created by the European Union and to make students aware of the peculiarities of its application in Member States as well as in Non-Member States such as Switzerland.

The detailed lecture contents as well as the lecture dates are available here (PDF, 202 KB).

Literature: Will be announced in the course.
Lecture notes:       Will be announced in the course.
Exam: Probably oral examination.

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Activation code spring semester 2023

For all parts of the course "International Private Law II (BLaw)", i.e. for the lecture as well as the exercise part, the activation code received in the autumn semester 2022 remains valid unchanged. If you have missed the entire autumn semester, please contact the chair.

For the course "Liability and Insurance Law", the activation code will be announced directly in the lecture.

Participants of the part of the course "European Private Law" held by Prof Loacker will also receive the access code directly in the lecture.

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Questions about the lectures of spring semester 2023 will therefore be answered until the end of May 2023.







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