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Faculty of Law Chair Loacker

Moot Court in the Law of Obligations

General Information


A moot court is a competition in which law students form teams to simulate a court hearing, represent a party in a fictional case and thereby compete against each other. Moot courts originated in Anglo-Saxon countries and are now also extremely popular at law faculties in continental Europe and Asia.

In the Zurich Moot Court, it is arbitration proceedings that are simulated. Participants working in teams write two legal documents (application and response) and make pleadings before a fictitious arbitral tribunal, made up of experienced lawyers. The substantive aspect is concerned with a case concerning the law of obligations, while the procedural aspect focuses on arbitration.

In addition to valuable in-depth study of the legal subject matter, the moot court provides students with initial contact to legal practice. Students, as prospective lawyers, learn how to examine the facts of a case in practical terms and demonstrate their eloquence, assertiveness and their ability to work in a team. Finally, the participants are provided with an opportunity to make important contacts.

The best participants in the Moot Court in the Law of Obligations will also have a chance to participate in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in the following semester.


Completing and passing the 4th semester


Participants in the Moot Court in the Law of Obligations may choose whether they would like the course to be credited under public law or private law.

Registration The registration window for the Moot Court in the Code of Obligations 2023/24 has closed. Information on the moot court in the Code of Obligations 2024/25 will be published at the beginning of the spring semester 2024.

Responsible Chairs

  • Chair Prof Dr Helmut Heiss, LLM

  • Chair Prof Dr Leander D. Loacker, MPhil


Tel.: +41 (0)44 634 55 29

Room: RAI F-061