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Faculty of Law

Visiting Professors Fall Semester 2016

Prof. Dr. Emmanuelle Chevreau

Chevreau Emmanuelle

Prof. Dr. Emmanuelle Chevreau is the leading representative of Roman law in France. She is the director of the prestigious Institut de droit romain of the Université Paris II (Panthéon Assas) and President of the doctorate course Ecole doctorale d'histoire du droit, philosophy du droit et sociologie du droit at the same university.

Their researches include classical Roman law with all its sub-divisions; In addition, she has worked on questions of the ancient legal history and on the dogmatic history of private law. Her dissertation had already received much attention: Le temps et le droit: la réponse de Rome. L'approche du droit privé, de Boccard Paris 2006, in which she comprehensively analyzes and analyzes the importance of the element of time for private law in Rome. Further publications concern the right of inheritance in Pliny, the legal-historical analysis of the Tabulae Pompeianae, or liberation from the guardianship. A focus of her current scientific activity is in contract law, for which she explicitly seeks dialogue with private law science.

Prof. Chevreau attaches particular importance to the mediation of Roman law, which is the continuation of the standard work of Jean Gaudemet (Droit privé romain, 3rd edition, 2009), as well as a new textbook on the Histoire du Droit des Obligations (LexisNexis 2. 2011), which she designed together with Yves Mausen and Claire Bouglé.

Prof. Chevreau is co-editor of various international journals, e.g. The Revue Internationale des Droits de l'Antiquité in Brussels, the magazine Roma e America (Milan) and the serial publisher, among others. The Collana antiqua near Jovene (Naples). She has worked as a freelance translator for international doctoral programs, including Salzburg, Bonn, Vilnius, Liège, Friborg, Pisa, Rome, Naples, Palermo, Milan, Sienna, Florence, Trento, Barcelona, ​​Budapest, Pecs, Santiago de Chile, Valparaiso.

In September 2016, the most important conference of the Société Internationale d'histoire du droit (SIHDA) took place in Paris.

Further information (French) can be found here

Contact in Zurich: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Babusiaux