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Faculty of Law

Legal Internships

A partial revision of the "Guidelines Recognition and Transfer of Credits" will come into force on August 1, 2024, which also affects the recognition of legal internships. Detailed information can be found here.

You have completed a legal internship in Switzerland or abroad and would like to have it recognized towards your studies at the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich (RWF UZH).

Legal internships may be recognized with a “pass” as a law elective module to the extent of a maximum of 6 ECTS credits, if they are usable for a degree. For the legal internship to be recognized, the employment must last at least 2 weeks with a workload of 100%. For part-time internships, the workload must be at least 50% with a duration of at least 4 weeks. One week of internship in a full-time position corresponds to 1 ECTS credit. In the case of part-time employment, this is converted to a full-time equivalent. For the Master of Law UZH International and Comparative Law, only legal internships in English can be recognized. Internships cannot be recognized for the Double Degree and Joint Degree Master's programs.

Starting from fall semester 2023, the recognition of a legal internship for the Bachelor of Law UZH requires that the internship was completed only after passing all modules of the assessment stage except for one (cf. § 37 RVO). The decisive factor is the time of publication of the results of the assessment performance records in the student portal.

Please note:
- Only internships completed after 01.08.2021 will be recognized.
- General Transfer of Credit at Master's level excludes the recognition of legal internships.


The following two steps are necessary for the recognition of legal internships:

1. Request for recognition: Submit the completed "Recognition Form BLaw" or "Recognition Form MLaw" as a Word file as well as an internship confirmation or another official document from the employer (as a PDF) to the Student Center via contact form (section "Credit Transfer and Recognition"). The application will only be processed if the data is complete, otherwise it will be rejected for completion.
The confirmation must contain the following information:

  • The student’s surname and first name
  • Name and address of the institution (court, law firm, etc.) where the legal internship was completed
  • Period of time during which the legal internship was completed
  • Information on the degree of employment
  • Tasks performed during the legal internship
  • For recognition in the Master of Law International and Comparative Law UZH, it must also be stated that the internship was completed in English.

2. Notification of recognition: After the internship has been recognized, you will receive a notification from the Student Center. The recognized achievements are then visible in the module booking tool under the heading Academic Achievements.


It is recommended that you submit the application immediately after completing the internship. The processing time is at least two weeks.

Current internship opportunities

The following is a list of internship opportunities that can be recognized and credited as a law elective module: