Information about the Online Exams

Exam Environment and Required Infrastructure

Generally, all examinations and assessments in the spring semester 2021 will take place digitally and online.

In principle, written exams are conducted via the OLAT examination environment (EPIS). In case of deviations from this principle, information is provided directly by the chairs.

The following infrastructure is required for the online exams:

  • a computer and internet access
  • an up-to-date Firefox or Chrome version ( the OLAT-Support explicitly advises against using Safari and other browsers)
  • an OLAT account
  • MS Teams (for contact with support if problems occur)
  • a word processing software (e.g. MS Word)

We also recommend that you have a smartphone at hand in order to have an alternative internet access in case of internet problems.

Type of Exams

The written online exams are conducted as Open Book examinations resp. Open Internet examinations.
There are three types of exams. Depending on the type of exam the composition (structure and building blocks) in OLAT differs. Below you will find the instructions for the different type of exams:


Fact Sheet on Online Exams

For the online exams, the 4.1.5 Fact Sheet on Online Exams of 2 December 2020 (PDF, 388 KB)applies (in addition to the fact sheets on module exams and on mobility studies).