Appeals Procedure

In accordance with § 37 of the Framework Ordinance for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs and for Minor Study Programs at the Faculty of Law, University of Zurich, dated 20 August 2012, (RVO) students receive a transcript of records containing a list of the ECTS credits acquired to date, the grades achieved, and the failed modules after each semester.

An appeal may be lodged against the new academic achievements shown in the transcript of records. The appeal must be submitted in writing, signed, and sent as a PDF document by e-mail to:

The 30-day appeal period shall start after the transcript of records is deemed officially delivered. The examinations shall be made available to download at the same date. Facts, specimen answers, grading scales, and statistics about the examination are also accessible.

In accordance with § 46 (3) RVO, the evaluation of academic achievement will only be reviewed for legal violations and breach of process regulations. Appeals relating to inappropriateness shall be excluded. The appeal must include a clear request as well as a precise reason (e.g. for which comments are the additional points being requested and why). It is not sufficient to refer to marked passages in the specimen answer and/or in the examination paper and ask that these be reviewed once more. An overall re-mark by the professorial chair is not possible. Please make sure the appeal is presented clearly.

More detailed information about the appeals procedure can be found at the following link.

 Notes on the appeal process (PDF, 131 KB)