Mobility Exams Spring Semester 20

Examination Dates

The mobility examinations will take place online from 18 May till 29 May 2020. Please note that exceptions may occur.

Examination Sequence Number

On this page you will find your Examination Sequence Number based on your matriculation number. For each examination period an Examination Sequence Number will be assigned to you which is applicable for all module examinations. Take note and memorize your Examination Sequence Number.

Examination Serial Numbers Spring Semester 20 (PDF, 433 KB)

Oral examinations

Based on your examination sequence number you will find the time for the oral mobility exams here. If you are unable to participate, you are obliged to inform the competent Chair immediately to avoid unnecessary waiting.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak oral mobility exams will be carried out online. The responsible examinator will contact you and provide access to the program necessary to enter the virtual examination room. Should you not have received any such information shortly before the examination is scheduled to start, please contact your examinator.


Date Examiner

Examination Schedule

Arbeitsrecht BA 25.05.20 Zäch Arbeitsrecht (BA) (PDF, 28 KB)

Arbeitsrecht MA

25.05.20 Zäch Arbeitsrecht (MA) (PDF, 25 KB)

Contemporary History of Law

27.05.20 Fiocchi Contemporary History of Law (PDF, 25 KB)


19.05.20 Good Europarecht (PDF, 31 KB)


18.05.20 Oesch Europarecht (PDF, 30 KB)

European Institutions

19.05.20 Oesch European Institutions (PDF, 26 KB)

European Private Law

13.05.20 Heiss European Private Law (PDF, 26 KB)

History of International Law

25.05.20 Diggelmann History of International Law (PDF, 25 KB)

International Commercial Arbitration (BL)



International Commercial Arbitration (BL) (PDF, 25 KB)

International Commercial Arbitration (LP)

02.06.20 Haas International Commercial Arbitration (LP) (PDF, 26 KB)

International Economic Law

25.05.20 Bueno International Economic Law (PDF, 27 KB)

International Human Rights

26.05.20 Good International Human Rights (PDF, 26 KB)

Internationale Rechtshilfe in Strafsachen

19.05.20 Staffler Internationale Rechtshilfe in Strafsachen (PDF, 25 KB)

Introduction to Sports Law

18.05.20 Haas Introduction to Sports Law (PDF, 28 KB)

Introduction to US business law

18./19.05.20 Kellerhals Introduction to US business law (PDF, 29 KB)
Islamic and Middle Eastern Law 22.05.20 Büchler Islamic and Middle Eastern Law (PDF, 25 KB)


26.05.20 Sethe Kapitalmarktrecht (PDF, 25 KB)


26./27.05.20 Markwalder Kriminologie (PDF, 36 KB)

Legal Sociology

20.05.20 Graber Legal Sociology (PDF, 24 KB)

Öffentliches Medien- und Kommunikationsrecht

27.05.20 Saxer Öffentliches Medien- und Kommunikationsrecht (PDF, 25 KB)
Rechtsphilosophie 04.06.20 Mahlmann Rechtsphilosophie (PDF, 33 KB)


20.05.20 Baumgartner SchKG (PDF, 31 KB)


19.05.20 Haas SchKG (PDF, 31 KB)


27.05.20 Simonek Steuerrecht (PDF, 37 KB)

Strafrecht BT II

19.05.20 Bommer Strafrecht BT II (PDF, 25 KB)


29.05.20 Zurkinden Wirtschaftsstrafrecht (PDF, 25 KB)


Examination Results

By the beginning of July 2020 at the latest, you can check your grades online.