Mobility Exams Fall Semester 19

Examination Dates

The mobility examinations will take place from 9 December until 20 December 2019. Please note that exceptions may occur.

The examination dates will be put online on 11 November 2019.

Examination Results

By the ending of January 2020 at the latest, you can check your grades online.

Examination Sequence Number

On this page you will find your Examination Sequence Number based on your matriculation number. For each examination period an Examination Sequence Number will be assigned to you which is applicable for all module examinations. Take note and memorize your Examination Sequence Number, it also serves as seat assignment in the exam rooms.

Examination Serial Numbers Fall Semester 19 (PDF, 438 KB)

Oral examinations

Based on your examination sequence number you will find time and room allocation for the oral mobility exams here. If you are unable to appear, you are obliged to inform the competent Chair immediately to avoid unnecessary waiting.

Module Date Examiner

Examination Schedule/Examination Room

Bankrecht 19.12.2019 Bühler Bankrecht (PDF, 26 KB)

Comparative Private Law

18.12.2019 Heiss Comparative Private Law (PDF, 29 KB)

European Economic Law

16.12.2019 Picht European Economic Law (PDF, 24 KB)

European Economic Law

19.12.2019 Heinemann European Economic Law (PDF, 24 KB)

Informations- und Kommunikationsrecht

20.12.2019 Thouvenin Informations- und Kommunikationsrecht (PDF, 25 KB)

International Organisations

16.12.2019 Saxer International Organisations (PDF, 22 KB)

International Trade Regulation

17./18.12.2019 Oesch International Trade Regulation (PDF, 36 KB)

Internationales und europäisches Strafrecht

17.12.2019 Meyer Internationales und europäisches Strafrecht (PDF, 26 KB)


18.12.2019 Bommer Jugendstrafrecht/Sanktionenrecht (PDF, 21 KB)


18.12.2019 Ege Jugendstrafrecht/Sanktionenrecht (PDF, 21 KB)
Legal Theory 17.12.2019 Mahlmann Legal Theory (PDF, 21 KB)
Militärstrafrecht 12.12.2019 Flachsmann Militärstrafrecht (PDF, 22 KB)

Obligationenrecht BT

17./19.12.2019 Rusch Obligationenrecht BT (PDF, 28 KB)
Privatrechtsgeschichte 11.12.2019 Fiocchi Privatrechtsgeschichte (PDF, 22 KB)

Rechtsbeziehungen Schweiz-Europäische Union

16.12.2019 Oesch Rechtsbeziehungen Schweiz-Europäische Union (PDF, 21 KB)
Sachenrecht 10./11.12.2019 Arnet Sachenrecht (PDF, 27 KB)
Sozialversicherungsrecht 18.12.2019 Gächter Sozialversicherungsrecht (PDF, 28 KB)
Strafprozessrecht 20.12.2019 Heimgartner Strafprozessrecht (PDF, 22 KB)
Strafrecht BT II 18.12.2019 Bommer Strafrecht BT II (PDF, 25 KB)
Zivilprozessrecht 17./18.12.2019 Domej Zivilprozessrecht (PDF, 29 KB)


Written Exams

Please check that your examination sequence number is present on the corresponding participant list. Should this not be the case, contact the exams management immediately.

Ensure that you are present at the exam room at least 15 minutes before the examination starts and have your UZH card ready for the compulsory identification check.

Module Date Time Examiner Room Participant List
Gesellschaftsrecht (BA) 13.12.2019 14:00 - 15:00 Sethe RAI-F-041 Gesellschaftsrecht (BA) (PDF, 411 KB)
Internationales Privatrecht 20.12.2019 14:00 - 15:00 Loacker RAI-G-041 Internationales Privatrecht (PDF, 411 KB)
Völkerrecht 11.12.2019 14:00 - 16:00 Kaufmann RAI-G-171 Völkerrecht (PDF, 398 KB)


Module Date Zeit Examiner Room Participant List
Gesellschaftsrecht (MA) 19./20.12.2019 09:00 - 09:00 (24h) Alexander - Gesellschaftsrecht (MA) (PDF, 398 KB)

Information concerning permitted legal texts and other resources can be found in the Fact Sheet for Examinations (PDF, 149 KB). Deviant and additional terms, as well as information concerning the required legislative texts, for each examination can be found here:

Legal Texts and Other Resources; Fall Semester 2019, Mobility (PDF, 483 KB)