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Faculty of Law

Master's Study Programs

The Master's degree program provides students with in-depth professional knowledge and the ability to work independently in a scientific and practical manner.

The Master of Law at UZH comprises of 90 ECTS credits. Two study programs are offered:

  • Study program Rechtswissenschaft
  • Study program International and Comparative Law (exclusively in English)

The Master's study program Rechtswissenschaft builds on, supplements and deepens the knowledge acquired in the bachelor's degree.

The Master's study program in International and Comparative Law, conducted in English, is designed to provide in-depth study in various areas of international and comparative law.

In cooperation with other law faculties in Switzerland or abroad, the following Master's programs are offered:

  • Double Degree Master's programs (120 ECTS credits)
  • Joint Degree Master's program (90 ECTS credits)

Within the framework of the internationally oriented Double Degree programs, students acquire two master's degrees within two years. The Double Degree programs thus offer the special opportunity to get to know two study locations and thus also different national legal systems in depth during their studies.

The Joint Degree program in cooperation with the University of Lausanne enables students to complete a Master's Degree program simultaneously at two partner faculties in Switzerland and thus to apply and deepen knowledge of Swiss and international law, as well as the German and French legal language, respectively, across universities.

Furthermore, the Faculty of Law offers the possibility to study law as a minor (in combination with a major from another faculty). The minor study program Law at Master's level comprises 30 ECTS credits.

Double Degree Master's Programs

Joint Degree Université de Lausanne

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