Transcript of Records

Official transcript of records are drawn up and sent out at the end of each semester. All courses students have passed and failed will be listed automatically in this transcript. Failed attempts are always included in the transcript of records. Courses which were booked but not attended, and for which the booking was not canceled by the relevant deadline, are also listed as failed attempts (grade 1) on the transcript of records.

As transcripts or records are always sent to the address you have entered in the University's database of contact details, it is vital that you change your address using the UZH online adress tool before you return home.

N.B.: Please note that changes of address at short notice cannot be accommodated.

Grades of regular examinations may be viewed in the summary of credits by mid-end of February or mid-end of September. The grades of mobility examination will be available online in the summary of credits about one month after the mobility examination period has started.

Official UZH transcript of records are only issued in German. If you need an English transcript, please request this at the Service Desk of the Dean's Office by e-mail.

Language Certificates

Courses taken at the Language Center of the UZH and ETH will be included on the UZH transcript of records automatically, if passed.

Please note that the grades from the language courses will not be transferred to the transcript of records.


According to § 37 RVO, the students receive a transcript of records after each semester containing a list of the ECTS credits, the grades obtained and the failed modules.

There may be objections to the newly listed academic achievments, wich are subject to appeal. Please note that the appeal procedure is only possible for regular examinations. Further information is available in the information sheet on appeals on the right hand side of this website.