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Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät

Nachhaltigkeit in der Lehre

Die Rechtswissenschaftlichen Fakultät ist bestrebt, in der Lehre das Thema Nachhaltigkeit eine wichtige Rolle zu geben. Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht über aktuelle und kommende Vorlesungen, Vorträge und Konferenzen. Diese Liste wird fortlaufend aktualisiert.

Vorlesungen und Veranstaltungen

Legal Aspects of Sustainability

Master Course in Fall Term 2024, held by Prof. Kern Alexander, Prof. Yeşim M. Atamer, Prof. Rolf H. Weber, Prof. Aline Darbellay, Prof. Tanja Domej, Prof. Andreas Heinemann, Prof. Helmut Heiss and Prof. Christine Kaufmann

The course will explore different legal aspects related to sustainability. Delving into the intricate interplay between law and sustainability, it will discuss the role of law and regulation in enhancing sustainable business practices. The study of international standards will illustrate how global developments contribute to shaping sustainability laws. The course will start with a general introduction to the UN sustainable development goals and the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct. It will then go into details of the relevant private law aspects, with a specific focus on Swiss and European Union law, encompassing contract and tort law, insurance law, and private international law. It will also cover the topic of sustainability from the corporate, economic and financial law perspective, including aspects such as banking regulation, capital markets law and competition law. Students will develop a holistic understanding of the current legal framework while staying abreast of recent developments that pave the way for future reforms of the legal framework.

Weitere Vorlesungen

  • Umweltrecht, Master-Vorlesung HS 2024, Prof. Johannes Reich
  • International Economic Law, Master Course FS 2024, Prof. Christine Kaufmann
  • International Human Rights, Master Course FS 2024, Prof. Christine Kaufmann
  • Digitalisation (Current Issues in International Law), Master Course HS 2023, Prof. Christine Kaufmann
  • Responsible Business Conduct (RBC), Master Course HS 2023, Prof. Christine Kaufmann
  • Responsible Business Conduct (RBC), Weiterbildung CAS, Prof. Christine Kaufmann

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