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Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät Prof. Dr. Tilmann Altwicker

Lecture Transnational Public Security Law


Issues of transnational security are a fascinating field of study for lawyers. This course is designed for students interested in International, Comparative and European Law. The students investigate how these fields of law increasingly interact in shaping our global, regional and national security law. The course reflects a wide range of contemporary security problems from a legal perspective, including terrorism, transnational organized crime, maritime security, cyber security, and, briefly, transnational civil security (for example, disaster prevention, transnational pandemic control). A crucial question to be studied throughout the course is how to integrate human rights into the new global security environment.

Teaching will mainly be case-based, multidisciplinary (drawing, for example, on international relations theory and political philosophy) and will involve some comparative legal work. The course aims to familiarize the students with current issues of cross-border public (and, briefly, civil) security, two of the most innovative legal fields in International and European law. At the end of the course, students should be able to critically assess – from a legal perspective – some of the major policy choices made in the area of security.


Course Information and Syllabus (PDF, 82 KB)

The lecture will be held on "Zoom" on Tuesday (10:15-12:00). A podcast will be available on the day following the lecture. The ZOOM-link will be posted on OLAT.

To attend the lecture you need to download and install "Zoom" and follow the instructions on OLAT.

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Course Catalogue

Course number 1134

Tuesday, 10:15-12:00 (ZOOM live), also recorded as podcast