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Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät Lehrstuhl Babusiaux

European Private Law

V-Nr. 0979 Day/Time:

Tuesday: 10:15-11:45

Room: KOL-H-317 (Babusiaux)

The lecture will be moved to a virtual meeting room from 17.3. onwards, i.e. streamed in live and simultaneously recorded. In this way, the interactivity of the event should be maintained. However, especially in the initial period, difficulties in adaptation are to be expected.
Please familiarize yourself with the technical details before the event begins:

On Tuesday, 2 June 2020 at 10.00 a.m. (sharp) Mrs Babusiaux offers a question and answer session via Zoom.

The meeting was cancelled due to the lack of participants.


Although Switzerland is not formally a Member State of the European Union, European legislation is highly relevant for Swiss courts and jurisprudence, since EU Market Law is also implemented and applied in Switzerland in different contexts. The most important examples stem from the fields of EU Consumer Law, EU Competition Law, EU Company Law and EU Insurance Law.

Building on the four market freedoms and the efforts of legislative alignment within the EU Single Market, the course aims at presenting the main precepts of substantive private law created by the European Union and to make students aware of the peculiarities of its application in Member States as well as in Non-Member States such as Switzerland.

Students will learn the most important contents of substantive EU private law; they will be introduced to the main European and national case law in the field and will hence be enabled to deal with the application of EU private law in both, a Swiss and a European context.

In continuation to the lecture “Europarecht” (European Law) which focusses on the institutional framework and the public law aspects of EU Law, the lecture “European Private Law” offers insights to EU law “in action” and the consequences of EU regulation in legal practice.

Timetable (provisional):

Date Subject Lecturer
17.02.2020 Law of the Single Market: Basic Freedoms, esp. free movement of goods Heiss


Law of the Single Market: Legislative alignment via regulations and directives Heiss


Law of the Single Market and Third Countries, esp. Switzerland Heiss
10.03.2020  EU Consumer Law: Passive freedoms of market citizens and relevant directives Babusiaux


EU Consumer Law: Application within the member-states (competences and methodology)

Podcast (MP4, 167 MB)



EU Consumer Law: Implementation and application in Non-Member States, esp. Switzerland

Podcast (MP4, 175 MB)

31.03.2020 EU Competition Law (antitrust law and law on unfair commercial practices): Overview of relevant regulation in the field Kellerhals

EU Competition Law (antitrust law and law on unfair commercial practices): Examples of application

21.04.2020 EU Company Law: Freedom of establishment and main legislative acts Picht
28.04.2020 EU Company Law: Application within the member-states Picht
05.05.2020 EU Company Law: The situation of third countries, esp. Switzerland Picht
12.05.2020 EU Insurance Law: Freedom of services and overview of relevant regulation in the field Loacker
19.05.2020 EU Insurance Law: Application within member-states and the situation of third countries Loacker
26.05.2020 EU Insurance Law: Optional instruments as a tool of European legislation Loacker

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