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Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät Prof. Dr. iur. Andreas Kellerhals

US Business Law Seminar HS23


Concept and requirements

Professors: Prof. Dr. Andreas Kellerhals, University of Zurich; Prof. Lloyd Bonfield, Tulane University Law School.

Participants: Bachelor- and Master Students.

Date: 16.-17. October 2023

Place: Europa Institut an der Universität Zürich, Hirschengraben 56, 8001 Zürich

Costs: -


Objective: Make students familiar with selected topics on US Business Law.

Reflection in the curriculum of the Faculty of Law: Students must meet two requirements to receive the certificate of achievement:

Students must give a presentation in English (25 minutes, which will be followed by a discussion) during the seminar. In the presentation, students must present the topic they have worked on and state their conclusions.

Students are required to write a Bachelor/Master thesis in English.

Required scope:

Bachelor thesis (6 ECTS credits): 20-25 pages (40000-50000 characters, without spaces, with footnotes), plus cover sheet and indexes.

Master thesis (12 ECTS credits): 30-40 pages (60000-80000 characters, without spaces, with footnotes), plus cover sheet and indexes.

Deadline for the Bachelor/Master thesis: November 30, 2023.

Submitting the Bachelor/Master thesis: Bachelor/Master thesis are to be submitted together with the statement of no plagiarism per email as pdf-file as well as per post (2 copies) to the attention of Prof. Andreas Kellerhals, Professur ad personam für Juristische Weiterbildung, Europarecht und Privatrecht, Hirschengraben 56, 8001 Zürich

Master thesis agreement: Students writing a master's thesis, please submit the Master agreement by June 6 per mail to

Disposition: You are welcome to submit a disposition, which we will discuss with you.