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Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät Vortragsreihe Würde der Kreatur

Photos of the Conference

University of Zurich

Animal Law and Ethics Conference Entrance

Prof. Christine M. Korsgaard, Arthur Kingsley Porter Professor of Philosphy, Harvard University

Prof. Beat Sitter-Liver, Professor emeritus of Practical Philosophy, University of Fribourg

Prof. Will Kymlicka, Canada Research Chair in Political Philosophy, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario

Prof. Anne Peters, Professor of Public International Law and Swiss Constitutional Law, University of Basel

Prof. Tanja Domej, Professor of Civil Procedure, Enforcement and Insolvency Law, Private Law, Private International Law and Comparative Law, University of Zurich

Prof. Eva Maria Maier, Professor of Legal Philosophy, University of Vienna

Prof. David Favre, Professor of Law and the Nancy Heathcote Professor of Property and Animal Law, Michigan State University

Prof. Pamela Frasch, Assistant Dean of the Animal Law Program and Executive Director of the Centor for Animal Law Studies, Portland, Oregon

Prof. Katherine Hessler, Clinical Professor of Law and Animal Law Clinic Director, Center for Animal Law Studies, Portland, Oregon

Raj Panjwani, Senior Counsel, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi

Prof. Kirsten Stilt, Associate Professor of Law and History, Northwestern University, Chicago

Prof. Jean-Pierre Marguénaud, Chair for Private Law, University of Limoges

Dr. iur. Gieri Bolliger, Director of the Foundation for the Animal in the Law, Zurich

Professor Markus Wild, SNSF Professorship in Philosophy, University of Fribourg

MLaw Saskia Stucki, Research and Teaching Associate, Faculty of Law, University of Basel

Dipl. iur. Frederik von Harbou, Trainee Lawyer in the district of the Superior Court of Justice, Berlin

Prof. Peter Sankoff, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta

Jean-Marc Neumann, Director of Legal Affairs of an international industrial group, member of the board of directors of the LFDA Foundation (France)

Coordination: Daniela Kühne, Margot Michel, Christoph Ammann, Julia Hänni

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