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Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät Dr. iur. Xenia Karametaxas

Curriculum Vitae

Postdoctoral Researcher & Lecturer                               since December 2018

University of Zurich, Chair Law & Finance, Prof. Alexander

• Current research project: Towards a global regulatory framework
for sustainable finance
• Founding member of the Research Network for Sustainable Finance
(with Prof. Kern Alexander)
• Managing Editor of the DIKE Book Series “Contemporary Perspectives on Commercial and Financial Law”
• Teaching assignments:
- Spring semester 2021: Trade and Business Law
(exercises; in German; undergraduate level)

- November 2020: 'Regulatory Pathways for sustainable finance', guest lecture in the course International Capital Markets Law at the University of Geneva - Faculty of Law

- November 2020: 'Digital transformation and financial inclusion', guest lecture at the winter school of the Jean Monnet Chair in EU money law at the Univeristy of Siena, Italy

- Spring semester 2019 and 2020: Trade and Business Law
(exercises; in German; undergraduate level)


Ph.D. in Law summa cum laude                                                  December 2018

University of Geneva                                                              

Thesis: L’engagement des investisseurs institutionnel: perspectives et enjeux de la prise de décisions collectives (Institutional Investor Engagement: challenges and perspectives of collective choice mechanisms). In French


Doctoral Program Coordinator                                            since January 2017

Conférence universitaire de Suisse occidentale (CUSO)

Joint-organization of Swiss doctoral programs

• Teaching of the PhD training workshop:
“How to get your PhD project started?”
February 2019 and February 2020, University of Lausanne
(in English, with Prof. Evelyne Schmid)
• Program coordination; internal and external communication;
web content creation
• Financial management
• Editing and publishing of conference proceedings


Visiting Scholar                                                            August 2014 - June 2015

University of California, Berkeley, School of Law     


Research and Teaching Assistant                            March 2011 – March 2018

Department of Commercial Law, University of Geneva

Teaching assignments:
• Corporate law; economic analysis of law
• Master seminar in bankruptcy law
• Publishing of research papers and reports with
Prof. Rashid Bahar and Prof. Rita Trigo Trindade


Certificate in American Law                                                         January 2015

University of California – Berkeley (International and Executive Legal Education Program)


Certificate of Advanced Studies in Legal Professions                     July 2011

University of Geneva

Legal Counsel                                                              January-December 2010
AXA (legal protection insurance), Zurich

• Counseling in private law (family law; labor law; contract law)


Bilingual Master of Laws in Economic Law                           February 2010

University of Geneva & University of Basel


Bachelor of Laws                                                                     September 2008

University of Geneva


Deutsch (Muttersprache)

Französisch (fliessend)

Englisch (fliessend)

Spanisch (fliessend)

Griechisch (intermediate)


Edited Volumes:


Bahar Rashid/Kadner Graziano Thomas/Karametaxas Xenia (eds), Le droit comparé et le droit suisse, Schulthess, 2018.


Besson Samantha/Mausen Yves/Pichonnaz Pascal/Karametaxas Xenia (eds), Le consentement en droit, Schulthess, 2018.



Karametaxas Xenia, 'Sustainable Finance: Aktuelle Entwicklungen in der Gesetzgebung der EU und der Schweiz', Krise, Ex/Ante, 01/2021


Book chapters:


Karametaxas Xenia (with Alexander Kern), Digital Transformation and Financial Inclusion, in: I. H-Y Chiu/G. Deipenbrock (eds.), Routledge Handbook of Financial Technology and Law, 2021, Chapter 15.


Karametaxas Xenia, 'The Role of Pension Funds in the Low-carbon Transition', in: R. Trigo Trinidade, R. Bahar & G. Neri-Castracane (eds.), Vers les sommets du droit (Schulthess Éditions Romandes) 365-378  


Karametaxas Xenia, Funding the Future: Sovereign Wealth Funds as Promoters of Intergenerational Equity, in: Cottier Thomas/Lalani Shaheeza/Siziba Clarence, Intergenerational Equity - Environmental and Cultural Concerns, Brill Nijhoff, 2019, 179-190.


Karametaxas Xenia, Sovereign Wealth Funds as Socially Responsible Investors, in: Adinolfi Giovanna/Baetens Freya/Caiado José/Lupone Angela/Micara Anna G. (eds), International Economic Law - Contemporary Issues, Springer International Publishing, 2017, 271-288.


Karametaxas Xenia (with Bahar Rashid), Commentary of articles 22, 23, 25 and 32 of the Ordinance against Excessive Compensation with respect to Listed Stock Corporations (OaEC), in: Tercier Pierre/ Amstutz Marc/ Trigo Trindade Rita (eds), Code des obligations II - Commentaire romand, Helbing & Lichtenhahn, 2017. (in French).


Karametaxas Xenia, Le droit de vote comme moyen pour renforcer la gouvernance d’entreprise, in: Meier P./Druckman K. (eds), Les difficultés économiques en droit, Schulthess, 2015, 277-292. (in French).


Karametaxas Xenia (avec Trigo Trindade Rita), Light vehicles à la mode suisse, in : De Cordt Y./Navez E.-J. (eds), La simplification du droit des sociétés privées comme réponse à la concurrence régulatoire entre les États membres de l’UE. Étude comparée des réformes entreprises dans le paysage sociétaire européen, Bruxelles : Bruylant, 2015, 375-395.


Karametaxas Xenia (with Bahar Rashid and Tawil Joël), Disclosure Duties: How does Swiss Law protect minority shareholders? in:  Heckendorn Urscheler L., Swiss Reports presented at the XIXth International Congress of Comparative Law 2014, Schulthess, 2014, 211-269.


Scholarships and Awards

• Professor Walther Hug Foundation – Award for PhD thesis     July 2020
• University of Zurich Research Talent Development Fund        July 2020

• University of Geneva and University of Zurich Joint Seed        July 2020
 Funding forCollaboration in Research and Teaching 2020               
• Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences             January 2020
Seed money for hosting a conference at the University of Zurich
on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals
• Graduate Campus, University of Zurich                         December 2019
Travel grant for a research at the University of Oslo in 2020
• ‘Subside Tremplin’, University of Geneva           June 2016-January 2017
Award and mentoring program for young female researchers
• Swiss National Science Foundation                     August 2014-June 2015
Scholarship Doc.Mobility
• Boninchi Foundation                                    September 2014-May 2015
Mobility Scholarship
• Ernst et Lucie Schmidheiny Foundation       September 2014-May 2015
Mobility Scholarship


Further Distinctions

Special Rapporteur

at the International Academy of Comparative Law for the Asunción General Congress 2022 in Paraguay to report on the following topics:

- The social enterprise: a new form of the business enterprise?

- Green finance and protection of the environment: an efficient couple? 

Weiterführende Informationen

Ex Ante 01 2021

Sustainable Finance - Hot off the Press

Mehr zu Sustainable Finance - Hot off the Press

Dr Xenia Karametaxas’ newest publication on Sustainable Finance, ‘Sustainable Finance: Aktuelle Entwicklungen in der Gesetzgebung der EU und der Schweiz’ will be coming out in the next days in the 01/2021 issue of Ex/Ante.

Routledge Handbook

Routledge Handbook of Financial Technology and Law Publication

Mehr zu Routledge Handbook of Financial Technology and Law Publication

Xenia Karametaxas and Kern Alexander published a book chapter on 'Digital Transformation and Financial Inclusion' in the Routledge Handbook of Financial Technology and Law (2021). The chapter explores some of the main regulatory concerns and market barriers created by the digital transformation of the financial services industry and the implications for a more socially inclusive financial system, particularly in developing and emerging market countries.

There will be two online book launches: at UCL on 24 June, 17:00-19:00 and at IALS on 3 September, 9:30-11:30.


SUSFIN - Geneva-Zurich Sustainable Finance & Digitalisation Seminar, 25 March 2021

Mehr zu SUSFIN - Geneva-Zurich Sustainable Finance & Digitalisation Seminar, 25 March 2021

Join us for the Geneva-Zurich Seminar Series on Sustainable Finance, with a special focus on "Sustainable Finance and Digitalisation" via Zoom.


Date: 25th March 2021

13:15 – 17:15 (UTC/GMT +1)


Hosted by: The University of Zurich & the University of Geneva

Scientific Committee: Dr. Xenia Karametaxas / Prof. Aline Darbellay / Prof. Kern Alexander


Link to the Programme

Image by Al Soot on Unsplash

Virtual Workshop – Kyoto University and University of Zurich “Advanced Technology and Law”

We are very pleased to be a part of the Kyoto University - UZH partnership, where Dr Karametaxas presented on "Digital Transformation and Financial Inclusion" in the Virtual Workshop – Kyoto University and University of Zurich “Advanced Technology and Law”, organised by Prof Peter Picht and Prof Tatsuhiko Inatani. 


Image by Lukas Blaskevicius on Unsplash

Geneva-Zurich Seminar on Sustainable Finance - Disclosure and Sustainability Risks

Mehr zu Geneva-Zurich Seminar on Sustainable Finance - Disclosure and Sustainability Risks

We are very pleased to welcome you to our first Geneva-Zurich seminar on Sustainable Finance with a special focus on Disclosure and Sustainability Risks


12 November 2020
3:30 p.m. (UTC/GMT +1) 
Access to the Seminar via Zoom
(no pre-registration required)


Hosted by:
The University of Geneva and the University of Zurich
Scientific Committee:
Prof. Kern Alexander / Prof. Aline Darbellay / Dr. iur. Xenia Karametaxas

Link to Programme

Image by Sophie de Klerk on Unsplash

Seminar: Blended Finance and Transforming Urban Areas, 21 Sep 2020

Mehr zu Seminar: Blended Finance and Transforming Urban Areas, 21 Sep 2020

Prof. Alexander and Dr. Karametaxas, founders of SUSFIN, in collaboration with Ben Mansfield (Director and Founder, RCDC) and Dr. Lindsay Blair Howe (ETH) from the RCDC will be hosting a seminar on Blended Finance and Transforming Urban Areas at the University of Zurich Law Faculty.


Date: Monday, 21 September 2020

Time: 16:00-18:00 CEST

Room: RAI-F-041


Click here to watch the presentation.

Xenia K

Conferences and Presentations

Dr. iur. Xenia Karametaxas presented her new paper in collaboration with Prof. Alexander at the University of Oslo on 2 and 3 December 2019.

KA and XK

R20 Austrian World Summit

Dr. Karametaxas and Prof. Alexander represented the Law Faculty at the R20 Austrian World Summit, held in Vienna on 28 and 29 May 2019.

UNCTAD with Xenia

UNCTAD Conference

Prof. Alexander and Dr. Karametaxas are presenting their paper "Digitalisation and Financial Inclusion" at UNCTAD on 1 and 2 May 2019.

(center) Liping Zhang, Division of International Trade in Goods and Services, and Commodities, UNCTAD