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Faculty of Law Center for Animal Law and Ethics(CALE)

Mission Statement

The Center for Animal Law and Ethics (CALE) is dedicated to the study of the human-animal relationship from a legal and ethical perspective. The research focus includes classical animal protection law and animal protection criminal law, but also how they connect with other fields of law such as international law, constitutional law and private law. Furthermore, questions of legal ethics are of central importance given the close relationship between the normative systems of law and ethical reasoning, especially in the realm of animal protection legislation.

Animal Law can be understood as one puzzle piece in the broader field of humanities-based Human Animal Studies. As a normative system, law regulates the behavior of humans towards one another, but also towards animals and the environment. The position that animals occupy in law, and the weight given to their interests, is a reflection of changing social values and beliefs.

The Center for Animal Law and Ethics pursues the goal of developing and promoting Animal Law as a scientific field of research. This is done through research projects, publications, seminars, lectures and conferences. Furthermore, the Center for Animal Law and Ethics is available as a contact point for interested researchers. The Center for Animal Law and Ethics facilitates innovative project-related collaborations with other research institutes and institutions in Switzerland and abroad, supports a large network of scientists from various disciplines, and promotes on-going exchange with authorities and practice.

The Center for Animal Law and Ethics (CALE) is a joint initiative of Prof. Dr. Margot Michel and Prof. Dr Brigitte Tag and is based at their chairs at the Faculty of Law, University of Zurich.

The Center for Animal Law and Ethics is non-profit oriented and relies on external funding and donations for its operation.