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Faculty of Law Center for Islamic and Middle Eastern Legal Studies



Dr. Susanne Nothhafft

The protection of women and children from domestic violence
- a challenge to paternalistic societies in transformation
e.g. Syria

Abstract of Dr. S. Nothhafft's Damascus Project (PDF, 20 KB)



Patrick Brozzo

Marriage in Islamic and Jewish Law – A Contribution to the Inclusion of Cultural Diversity into Family Law

The theoretical part of the project deals with the forms of marriage in the Islamic and Jewish world from the perspective of the history of law, of comparative law as well as contemporary aspects, as well as the situation of marriage law in Germany, England, Spain, Israel, and Switzerland in relation to the respective forms of marriage. Studies on this matter were carried out for example in England and France. In the empirical part of the doctoral thesis project, it is examined to what extent members of both the Muslim and Jewish communities accept the Swiss laws on marriage and on concluding marriage. Furthermore, it will be examined what difficulties can arise when different beliefs and legal concepts regarding marriage and concluding marriage do clash. The qualitative study is supposed to give findings on the significance of religious laws for Muslims and Jews in Switzerland, in particular in relation to marriage.

This project has been ended successfully.

Shafiqul Hassan

Codification of the Muslim Divorce Law of India by the Application of Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (A study to reform Muslim Divorce Law of India to combat violence against women)

On successful completion of this research, it may help making a positive change in the legislation of the Muslim Personal Law in the countries where the Muslim people are living. The research primarily concerns with the problems inherited by the existing Muslim Divorce Law of India, but it also relates to a number of sensitive socio-legal issues, common to each and every society of the present world. It will also become the guiding force for the researchers who intend to reform the Islamic Law.

This project has been ended successfully.

Mohammad Hossein Tavana

The Role of Shari’a in International Commercial Arbitration

Abstract (PDF, 109 KB)

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