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Faculty of Law Centre for Legal History Research

Description of inventory

The Old Law Library is a special collection of the library of the Institute of Law and the Center for Research in Legal History. Founded by Karl Siegfried Bader (1905-1998), for many years full professor for Swiss and German legal history as well as criminal law subjects at the UZH, it consists in its original core of a Grisons noble library. Its holdings range from the time of learned medieval law to the early 20th century and include a broad spectrum of sources on the history of law and legal knowledge. The library's printed works are accessible via swisscovery. Users of the library have access to a book scanner, which also makes digitization possible.

The heart of the Old Law Library is an extensive collection of legal sources and legal literature from the 15th to the end of the 19th century, which is probably unique of its kind in Switzerland. In addition to an almost complete collection of cantonal and federal law texts, the Old Law Library includes a wide variety of works of medieval learned law, early modern legal humanism, the ius publicum and the Central European law of reason of the Enlightenment period. With the Riklin/Senn Collection, the Old Law Library also preserves a large collection of sources on political thought and contemporary legal history of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Collection of lecture transcripts

The holdings of the Old Law Library include an extensive collection of lecture transcripts from the 19th and 20th centuries. These materials are accessible to users of the library, more information is provided in this overview.

Lecture notes (XLS, 163 KB)

Microfilm collection

The Old Law Library preserves a large number of microfilms of manuscripts, especially of medieval learned law. The generally accessible part of the holdings is listed in the overview below. Two microfilm scanners are available to users, which also enable the digital processing of microfilms.

Stock microfilms Peter Weimar (PDF, 363 KB)