Prof. Dr. Dominique Jakob


Chair in Private Law and
Head of the Center for Foundation Law
, University of Zurich
Phone: +41 (0)44 634 15 76

Curriculum Vitae (full version)

Curriculum Vitae (english version) (PDF, 31 KB)

Prof. Dr. iur. Dominique Jakob, LL.M. (Lund), is a professor of private law at the University of Zurich (UZH). He studied in Germany and in several other countries and holds a master’s degree in international law from the University of Lund (Sweden) and a Ph.D. from the University of Munich. His postdoctoral thesis is representative of his specialization in comparative and international foundation law. In 2007 he has joined the law faculty of the University of Zurich, where he established the “Center for Foundation Law” ( in 2008 and an international conference, the “Zürcher Stiftungsrechtstag”, in 2010.

His main fields of research are international estate planning (including trusts) as well as national, comparative, European and international foundation law. Dominique is author of numerous publications in several countries and a well-known expert and sought-after advisor in the field of foundation and trust law for governments, financial institutes, companies, foundations and private individuals.