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Faculty of Law Lehrstuhl Summers

Master's Thesis

Due to high demand, unfortunately no further Master's theses can be supervised at present. Master's theses will only be supervised again with crediting in FS 2025.

It is also possible to write a Master's thesis in the field of criminal law or criminal procedure law with Prof. Dr. Summers outside of seminars. Interested students should contact the chair by e-mai ( Your enquiry should contain at least the following information:

  • Desired topic of the thesis
  • Semester in which the thesis is to be credited

Upon receipt of your complete enquiry, the chair will contact you and there will be an opportunity to discuss the topic. At this meeting, a timetable will also be set and the Master's thesis agreement signed.

Please note the following documents:

Master's thesis guidelines (PDF, 48 KB)

Master's thesis agreement (PDF, 735 KB)