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Faculty of Law Chair Tag

Master Thesis

In case you are interested to formulate a master thesis, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In case you have a specific proposition for a topic concerning penal law, criminal procedure law or medical law, feel free to communicate these proposals to us. Possible thesis proposals should not be too vague but clearly localized, so that the thesis can be finished in the allotted timeframe. A definitive acceptance can only be issued when a provisional disposition has been received and reviewed. As a basis for your thesis, prepare a short project outline on the desired topic of max. 1 page and submit it using the form below.

No free Master's theses are offered in HS 2024. Theses are to be written as part of the seminars offered by Prof. Tag.

In case you are interested to hand in a master thesis with Prof. Tag, please fill out the following form.


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Crediting Spring: 31.03 / Crediting Fall: 30.09

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Spring Semester: March, 31

Fall Semester: September, 30

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