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Faculty of Law Chair Vokinger

Camille  Glaus

Camille Glaus, MLaw, LL.M (Berkeley), BSc ETH HST

  • PhD student
  • Law & health sciences
+41 44 634 49 71
Room number
RAI E 071c


  • PhD in Law and Health Policy (ongoing)
  • BSc Health Sciences and Technology, ETH Zurich
  • LLM, University of California, Berkely
  • MLaw in Law, University of Zurich
  • BLaw, University of Geneva

Scientific Papers:

  • Vokinger KN, Serra-Burriel M, Glaus CEG, Rohr UP, Hwang TJ, Dalla Torre di Sanguinetto S, Kesselheim AS. Regulatory review duration and differences in submission times of drugs in the United States and in Europe, 2011 to 2020. Annals of Internal Medicine 2023;176(10):1413-1418. Link
  • Vokinger KN, Glaus C, Kesselheim AS, Serra-Burriel M, Ross JS, Hwang TJ. Therapeutic value of first versus supplemental indications of drugs in US and Europe (2011-20): retrospective cohort study. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) 2023;382:e074166. Link
  • Glaus CEG, Kloeti A, Vokinger KN. Defining "therapeutic value" of medicines: a scoping review. BMJ Open 2023;13e078134. DOI: 10.1136/bmjopen-2023-078134. Link
  • Vokinger KN, Glaus CEG, Kesselheim AS. Approval and therapeutic value of gene therapies in the US and Europe. Gene Therapy 2023. DOI: Link
  • Vokinger KN, Kesselheim AS, Glaus, CEG, Hwang TJ. Therapeutic value of drugs granted accelerated approval or conditional marketing authorization in the US and Europe from 2007 to 2021. JAMA Health Forum 2022;3(8):e222685. Link
  • Vokinger KN, Hwang TJ, Glaus CEG, Kesselheim AS. Therapeutic value assessments of novel medicines in the US and Europe, 2018-2019. JAMA Network Open 2022;5(4):e226479. Link

Media Coverage: