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Faculty of Law Chair Gruenewald

Master's Theses

Please note that Prof. Gruenewald does not accept any new Master's thesis candidates outside of seminars in fall semester 2019.

It is possible to write a master's thesis upon an individual agreement with Prof. Dr. Gruenewald. The master's thesis must be in the field of Swiss, European and international financial market law and has to be written in either English or German.

  • Enquiries including a specific subject proposal are to be sent to: 
  • Once your master's thesis proposal is accepted, 2 duly signed copies of the master's thesis agreement must be sent to the chair. For master's theses outside of a specific seminar, the deadline may be agreed upon on an individual basis. 
  • It is possible to discuss your thesis disposition. Please enquire by e-mail about an appointment: 
  • Please note the Institute of Law's information sheets regarding master's theses and plagiarism (links are provided in the column on the right side).
  • Your master's thesis must be submitted in due time. A hard copy of the thesis is to be sent to the chair (NO registered mail) and both, a PDF and a Word document, are to be sent to: 


The following table provides a guideline of the required size of a master's thesis:

ECTS Number of pages Number of characters
  6   25   62'500
12   40 100'000
18   60 150'000
24   80 200'000
30 100 250'000

The aforementioned guidelines encompass both spaces and footnotes; bibliographies etc., however, do not count towards the character requirements.


Font: Times New Roman; Font size: 12; Line spacing: 1.5; top margin: 2.5 cm, bottom margin: 2 cm, left margin: 2.5 cm, right margin: 4.5 cm.

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