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Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät Lehrstuhl Alonso

Comparative Private Law

(Vst.-Nr. 0511)

Comparative Private Law

The course held by Prof. Alonso, Babusiaux, Hadžimanović, Fiocchi and Fragu will introduce students to the methods of Comparative Private Law. In doing so, the course will present topical examples of Comparative Private Law in the field of Contract Law, Property Law and Consumer Protection Law.
All materials (powerpoint slides, further reading) will be published on this webside (depending on the respective professor’s choice before or after the course).


The course will be held in presence; a podcast will be available of each class about 10 days after the respective lesson (see teaser, above right). Please note, that the recording of podcasts may fail due to technical difficulties. Students who decide to watch the podcast instead of attending, take this decision at their own risk. 
Should the pandemic situation require it, the teaching will switch to Zoom.


Date Tuesday, 14:00-15:45 
Venue RAK-E-8 (lecture hall)
Module See
The students will need to read the respective chapters of the following book:  Michael Bogdan, Concise introduction to Comparative Law, 2013; ISBN 9789089521255 (and the additional reading material published for each lesson).

The course will be held according to the following provisional schedule:

Reading (Bogan) Further material
Introduction, Definition 
and Aims
Part I, Chapter I, 2, 6

Slides 1 (PDF, 3 MB)

Samuel (PDF, 1 MB)

Zweigert (PDF, 2 MB)

Part I, Chapter I, 4, 5, 7

Slides 2 (PDF, 4 MB)

Müller-Chen (PDF, 2 MB)


Legal Transplants

and Legal Families


Slides 3 (PDF, 18 MB)

Reimann (PDF, 5 MB)

Siems (PDF, 2 MB)

Introduction, Principles and Common Core
Part I, Chapter 7, 8

Addis v Gramophone (PDF, 1000 KB)

Hadžimanović  (DOC, 108 KB)

Reader (DOCX, 75 KB)

Hadžimanović English Law  Part II, Chapter 9 see above
26.10.21 Hadžimanović
English Law
Part II, Chapter 9 see above
02.11.21 Fragu French Law Part II, Chapter 11 Slides (PDF, 3 MB)
09.11.21 Fragu French Law Part II, Chapter 11  
16.11.21 Babusiaux German Law Part II, Chapter 12

Slides (PDF, 1 MB)

§823_Commentary BGB (PDF, 6 MB)

Markesinis, Unberath the German Law of Torts, p.1-39, 372-505 (PDF, 127 MB)

23.11.21 Babusiaux German Law Part II, Chapter 12 Slides 2 (PDF, 431 KB)
30.11.21 Babusiaux Case Study of Comparison between French and German Law  

Brigitte Feuillet-Le Mintier, The Perruche case and French medical liability, Drexel Law Review 4 (2011) pp. 139-149 (PDF, 169 KB)

French Law on Wrongful Birth (PDF, 184 KB)

German Case Law on Wrongful Birth (PDF, 274 KB)

07.12.21 Fiocchi Tribal Law Additional Reading (t.b.d.) CPL and African Customary Law (PDF, 473 KB)
14.12.21 Fiocchi Tribal Law Additional Reading (t.b.d.)  

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Lecture on Friday, 15th October at 4-6 pm

The postponed lecture on Friday is held in room RAK-E-8 as usual.


Podcasts of this lecture will be made available here continuously after each lecture:  Podcasts Comparative Private Law


Please note that due to possible technical issues full and complete availability of the podcasts cannot be guaranteed.