Comparative Private Law

V-Nr. 1414 Termine:

Thursday, 14:15-15:45

Room: KOL-G-204


The course will introduce students to contemporary concepts and methods of comparative law. It will illustrate the functions of comparative law by examples taken from various systems of law as well as sources of uniform law.
The course will be held by Prof. Alonso, Dr. Hadžimanović and Dr. Plisecka
Date Subject Person Material
20.09.2018 Introduction Dr. Hadžimanović  
27.09.2018 Method Alonso  
04.10.2018 Method Alonso  
11.10.2018 Property Law Dr. Hadžimanović  
18.10.2018 Property Law Dr. Hadžimanović  
25.10.2018 Property Law Dr. Hadžimanović  
01.11.2018 Contract Law Dr. Plisecka  
08.11.2018 Contract Law Dr. Plisecka  
15.11.2018 Contract Law Dr. Plisecka  
22.11.2018  Contract Law  Dr. Plisecka  
29.11.2018 Tort Law Prof. Alonso  
06.12.2018 Tort Law Prof. Alonso  
13.12.2018 Tort Law Prof. Alonso  
20.12.2018 Allgemeine Fragestunde All