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Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät Lehrstuhl Heinemann

Law and Economics

Herbstsemester 2012 (Master-Vorlesung)


Please take notice of the change of the delivery deadlines for the topics E-L: The delivery deadline for the commentary and the presentation is Wednesdays, 23.59 h one week before the lesson, where the topic is presented (until now Thursdays one week prior to the lesson).

University lecturer

Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinemann
Dr. Mark Steiner


Thursday, 16:15-18:00 (every week), from September 20th
Room: RAI-H-041

Course number: Nr. 280

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Course content

Law and Economics or Economic Analysis of Law, respectively, is a theory trying to develop an economic rationality of law. It evaluates legal regulations and judgments by way of economic analysis methods which allow an assessment to what extent the enable or facilitate economic efficiency. Likewise, the effect of legal regulations can be reviewed and evaluated through means of welfare economics.

The aim of course is to convey fundamental knowledge about Law and Economics to illustrate theories on some examples and to provide a broad overview of the different areas of application.

Achievement record and "rules"

"Rules" (PDF, 198 KB)

(updated October 26th 2012)

Link to the course materials:

Link to the course materials

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