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Law and Economics: Documents

Comment Assignments

Please take notice of the change of the delivery deadlines for the topics E-L: The delivery deadline for the commentary and the presentation is Wednesdays, 23.59 h one week before the lesson, where the topic is presented (until now Thursdays one week prior to the lesson).

Comment Assignments (updated November 15th 2012) (PDF, 41 KB)

Course Slides

20.09.2012 Introduction, Subject and Economic Theory
27.09.2012 Introduction: 2nd part, Analytic methods and Tools
04.10.2012 (A) Property Rights and Markets
11.10.2012 (B) Contract Law, Part I
18.10.2012 (C) Contract Law, Part II
25.10.2012 (D) Tort and Insurance Law, Part I
01.11.2012 (E) Tort and Insurance Law, Part II
08.11.2012 (F) Criminal Law and Law Enforcement
15.11.2012 (G) Intellectual Property Law
22.11.2012 (H) Business Law
29.11.2012 (I) Public Law: Public Choice, Political Economy
06.12.2012 (J) Competition Law
13.12.2012 (K) Procedural Law
20.12.2012 (L) Environmental Law and Economics


Cooter, R., Ulen, T., Law and Economics, 6th International Edition, Pearson Addison Wesley, Boston 2011
Posner, R. A., Economic Analysis of Law, Aspen Law and Business, 8th Edition, New York 2010


Date Topic no. Paper
20.09.2012 Introduction, Subject and Economic Theory Schlunk, H.J., Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Lawyers, Vanderbildt Law and Economics Working Paper, No. 09-29, 2009, 1-14
27.09.2012 Introduction: 2nd part, Analytic methods and Tools
04.10.2012 A Property Rights and Markets 1

Coase R.H. (1960): The Problem of Social Costs, Journal of Law and Economics, 1 - 44
Hermaling B.E. (1995): An Economic Analysis of Takings, Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 64 - 86
11.10.2012 B Contract Law I 3

Kronman A.T. (1978): Mistake, Disclosure, Information and the Law of Contracts, Journal of Legal Studies, 1 - 34
Friedman D. (1989): The Efficient Breach Fallacy, The Journal of Legal Studies, 1 - 24
18.10.2012 C Contract Law II 5

Edlin A./Schwarz A. (2003): Optimal Penalties in Contract, 1 - 29
Cohen R.L. (2002): Marriage: The long term contract, The Law and Economics of Marriage and Divorce, Cambridge
25.10.2012 D Tort and Insurance Law I 7


Shavell S. (1984): Liability for Harm Versus Regulation of Safety, Journal of Legal Studies, 357 - 374
Sloan F.A./Reilly B.A./Schenzler C. (1995): Effects of Tort Liability and Insurance on Heavy Drinking and Drinking and Driving, Journal of Law and Eocnomics, 49 - 77
Cooter R. (2003): Hand Rule Damages for Incompensable Loses, 40 San Diego Law Review, 1097 - 1121
1.11.2012 E Tort and Insurance Law II 10


Schwartz G.T. (1994): Reality in the Economic Analysis of Tort Law: Does Tort Law Really Deter? 42 UCLA
Shukaitis M. J.(1987), A Market in Personal Injury Tort Claims, The Journal of Legal Studies, 329 - 349
Rubin, P. H.,Shepherd, J., Tort Reform and Acci-dental Deaths, Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 50, 2007, pp. 221-238
08.11.2012 F Criminal Law and Law Enforcement 13

Levitt S. D. (2004): Understanding why Crime fell in the 1990´s: Four Factors that explain the Decline and six that do not, Journal of Economic Perspectives 18, No. 1, 163-190
Ehrlich I. (1975): The Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment: A Question of Life and Death, 65 American Economic Review, 397
15.11.2012 G Intellectual Property Law 15

Van Pottelsberghe B. (2009), Lost property: The European patent system and why it doesn't work, Bruegel Blueprint
Depoorter P./Parisi F. (2002): Fair use and copyright protection: a price theory explanation, International Review of Law and Economics, Vol. 21, 453-473
22.11.2012 H Business Law 17

Baysinger B.D./Butler H. N. (1985): The Role of Corporate Law in the Theory of the Firm, 28 Journal of Law and Economics, 179-191
Bebchuk L./Cohen A. (2003): Firms' Decisions Where to Incorporate, Journal of Law and Economics, 1-43
29.11.2012 I Public Law: Public Choice, Political Economy 19

Stigler G. (1971): The Theory of Economic Regulation, 2 Bell Journal of Economics and Managment Science, 3-21
Rubin, P. H., Public Choice and Tort Reform, Emory Law and Economics Research Paper, No. 04-09, 2004, 1-21
06.12.2012 J Competition Law 21

Posner R. A. (1979): The Chicago School of Antitrust Analysis, 127 University of Pennsylvania Law Review, 925 ff.
Shugart II W.F. (1996): Monopoly and the Problem of Economists, Managerial and Decision Economics, Vol. 17, No. 2, Special Issue: The Role of Economists in Modern Antitrust, 217-230
13.12.2012 K Procedural Law 23


Daughety A./Reinganum J. (2005), Economic Theories of Settlement Bargaining, Annual Review of Law and Social Sciences, 35-59
Donohue III J. J. (1991): Opting for the British Rule, or If Posner and Shavell Can't Remember the Coase Theorem, Who Will?, Harvard Law Review, Vol. 104, No. 5, 1093-1119
Schkade, D., Sunstein, C. R., Kahneman, D., Are Juries Less Erratic than Individuals? Deliberation, Polarization, and Punitive Damage, University of Chicago Law School, John M. Olin Law and Eco-nomics Working Paper, No. 81, 1999, S. 1-46
20.12.2012 L Environmental Law and Economics 26

Endres A./Ohl C. (2005): Kyoto, Europe? - An Economic Evaluation of the European Emission Trading Directive, European Journal of Law and Economics, 19, 17-39
Yandle B. (1999): Public choice at the Intersection of Environmental Law and Economics, European Journal of Law and Economics, 8, 5-27

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