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Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät PEICL

Workshop Hamburg - 30th January to 2nd February 2013

arranged by Jürgen Basedow

Kindly sponsored by:

  • Max Planck Institute Hamburg 



  • Commission decision of 17 January 2013 on setting up the Commission Expert Group on a European Insurance Contract Law
  • Comments relating to Art. 14:101 – 14:104 (General Liability Insurance)
  • “The insured event in liability insurance” (occurrence-based, claims-made, act-based) – Decision about whether we need a rule on this?
  • Proposal for Comments on Art. 17:102 – Beneficiary of the Insurance Money
  • Comments on Art. 17:104 – Assignment or Encumbrance
  • Proposal for Comments on Art. 17:401 (Employer’s Pension Plans) and Art. 17:402 (Tax Treatment and State Subsidies)
  • Proposal for Comments on Art. 18:101 (Applicability) and Art. 18:102 (General Duty of Care of the Group Organiser)
  • Proposal for Comments on Art. 18:201 – Art. 18:205 (Accessory Group Insurance)
  • Comments on Art. 17:601 – Art. 17:603 (Conversion and Surrender)