Networks and Partnerships

University Networks

Universitas 21

Universitas 21 is a global network that brings together 27 world-renowned, research-intensive universities. The universities collaborate in the fields of research, innovation in teaching, development of study programs, as well as on general issues of international higher education.
More information on the University of Zurich's involvement is available on the following link: 
Universitas 21 Membership 

League of European Research Universities (LERU)

LERU is a prominent advocate for the promotion of basic research in the European Higher Education Area. The members work together to achieve viable framework conditions in research – especially basic research – and teaching.
More information on the University of Zurich's commitment is available on the following link:
LERU Membership

Strategic Partnerships

UZH is committed to strengthening and developing its existing partnerships with several selected universities. The aim is to create strategic partnerships in specific areas to jointly address global challenges, offer students innovative forms of teaching and learning, engage in dialogue with relevant stakeholders, and learn from each other. The Faculty of Law participates actively in these strategic partnerships.
More information on the strategic partnerships is available on the following link:
Strategic Partnerships