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Faculty of Law

Research and Academic Career Development

Office of the Vice Dean of Research and Academic Career Development

The Faculty of Law established the Office of the Vice Dean of Research and Academic Development in August 2020, appointed a Vice Dean, and set up a Committee for Research and Academic Career Development to provide new impetus for the two core tasks of research and academic career development.
The Vice Dean for Research and Academic Career Development is responsible for maintaining and developing research and academic career development at the faculty level. This includes developing and implementing strategies, representing the faculty, participating in university bodies, advising junior researchers, reviewing research proposals, and chairing the Research and Academic Career Development Committee. It conducts its activities in accordance with the strategic principles and legal basis of UZH as a whole and the Faculty of Law (RWF) in particular.

Freedom of Research and Guiding Principles of Research

Research at the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich is committed to the principle of academic freedom. In accordance with the principles of academic excellence, it pursues the effective dissemination of knowledge, internationalization, and interdisciplinarity.

Research priorities

Apart from the individual research priorities that each researcher chooses as part of their academic freedom, the Faculty of Law has stipulated the following faculty research priorities:
•    Internationalization and Europeanization of law
•    Conflict management
•    Fundamental research into legal history and legal theory
•    Business law
•    Human rights, the constitutional state, and democracy
•    Law, medicine and health

Research and Continuing Education

UOur faculty is one of the largest faculties of law in the German-speaking area and belongs to the top research faculties in Europe thanks to its academic breadth and excellence. It complies with the University’s social responsibility to pass on the findings of this research to legal practice and take up new ideas for research in contact with all the areas in which lawyers are employed. The Faculty of Law's continuing education programs comprise areas of applied research and basic research:

Continuing Education Programs of the Faculty of Law

Rules of Good Academic Practice

Honesty and responsibility are the basic conditions of scholarship. To safeguard them, two ombudspersons are nominated, who are then called in if there are any doubts about the integrity of individual studies or researchers:


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Vice Dean of Research and Academic Career Development
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Helmut Heiss
Rämistrasse 74
8001 Zürich

Manager of the Vice Dean's Office for Research and Academic Career Development
Irene Schildknecht, lic.phil. I
Rämistrasse 74/2
8001 Zürich
+41 44 634 41 84 Phone


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