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Faculty of Law

Research centers at the Faculty of Law

With research units and research centres, the faculty sets institutional priorities in connection with research topics or entire research disciplines. The faculty members thus make an important contribution to the promotion of interfaculty research in the relevant areas of law.

The diversity of these institutions also reflects the broad research spectrum of all faculty members.

The members of all institutes and research centres contribute to providing students with a varied curriculum through lectures, tutorials and publications.

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Centres of Competence at UZH

The Centres of Competence at UZH are scientific networks in which university institutes or parts of institutes coordinate their work under strategic targets. Some of them are joint centres of the University and ETH Zurich.

University Research Priority Programs

In order to underpin its position among the world’s leading research institutions, the University of Zurich has established its University Research Priority Programs (URPP). The URPP create and promote interdisciplinary academic networks in selected focal areas and contribute to advancing knowledge in research fields that benefit society.